Black History Month Celebration 2023

Black History Month Celebration 2023

The Calgary African Community Collective (CACC) celebrates the month of February every year which marks the celebration of Black History Month in Alberta. During this month, Albertan’s recognize and celebrate the achievements of Black Canadians throughout history, with a focus on their significant contributions to our province and the nation as a whole. As we pay tribute to the leadership and accomplishments of the individuals who have shaped Alberta’s past, present and future, we must also recognize that millions of Canadians of African descent still face systemic racism and its impacts. We must continue to work towards greater Black representation and equity in our society, so that all Albertans have access to a brighter future

Calgary African Community Collective believes its incumbent on the Government of Alberta to recognize the importance of black representation and equity in our society and strive to create an environment of full inclusion for all people of color. The struggles, victories, and experiences of Black and African Canadian individuals like Violet King and John Ware have throughout history shaped our country today and serve as a reminder of how far we have come as a society. It is our solemn duty to ensure their legacy and their stories continue to be passed down to future generations.

As part of Alberta’s Black History Month, it is important to consider ways to bring awareness to the current challenges faced by Black Canadians in modern society. In particular, initiatives should be taken to ensure Black representation in all levels of government and society, and to promote equity in opportunities and resources. Through community events, educational programs, and targeted outreach, Albertans can help to drive change and improve the lives of Black people in the province. Additionally, working with local businesses, organizations, and other stakeholders to create Black-owned and operated initiatives can help to stimulate economic growth, increase job opportunities, and foster an environment of inclusion.

Farah Ali

Executive Director of Calgary African Community Collective.

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