Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of CACC (Community Association for Civic Changes). We are thrilled to have you join our community and we appreciate your support in our mission to make positive changes in our local area.

In order to become a member, we kindly ask that you fill out the attached membership form. This will allow us to better keep track of our members and ensure that we are providing the best services to our community. Plus, as a member, you will have access to exclusive benefits, such as member-only events and discounts on CACC programs and services.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a member of CACC. We look forward to working with you to create a better future for our community!



The Ujima Hub is an exceptional facility that offers a wide range of benefits and perks to its members. As a valued member, you’ll have an opportunity to lease a space at this fantastic location, which can be used for office purposes, collaborative ventures, and much more. Moreover, this facility is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure you take advantage of this incredible opportunity while it lasts!

Grant Support

Writing a grant can be difficult, especially for small organizations with limited money. But, the Calgary African Community Collective¬† (CACC) can help. CACC offers excellent services to its members, including help with grant writing. With CACC’s help, small organizations can have a better chance of winning grants and getting money to help their communities. CACC provides invaluable support and guidance to help these organizations succeed.

Research & Analysis

CACC and its partner organizations aim to identify the real needs of communities and address them effectively. This type of evidence-based research is immensely helpful for grassroots organizations, as it helps them to better understand the issues and concerns facing the people they serve and respond appropriately. CACC recognizes the importance of having reliable and valid data to support their advocacy work and works tirelessly to generate reports and recommendations that inform policymakers and funding agencies.