Systems Change

The African Canadian Collaborative for Systems Change

The African Canadian Collaborative for Systems Change was initiated by CACC, supported by funding from the Calgary Foundation, and established through a collaborative effort with NABC.

This systems change piece is focused on the alleviation of poverty in the Black and African Canadians in Calgary by empowering grassroot organizations.

Addressing the persistent high poverty rates among African Canadians necessitates policy interventions similar to those targeting income disparity, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment pathways. Various black-led organizations across Canada, supported by funding from all levels of government, are actively engaging in initiatives to tackle these issues.

The intervention focus of CACC is directed towards grassroots organizations, aiming to uplift them and enable them to offer sustained, direct support to their interconnected communities.

5 Year Pilot Project

Calgary African Community Collective has a 5 year pilot project to :

CREATE : A culture of innovation and creative problem-solving through adaptive capacity, generative conversations and systems thinking training

MOBILIZE: The community village, involving African and Black Community stakeholders, members, and grassroots participants. Establish an Advisory Committee to facilitate the active engagement of the community. The involvement of Black-focused, Black-led, and Black-serving organizations and grassroots entities is integral to the success of this pilot initiative

SHIFT: Cultivating collective leadership that strengthens the capacity of leaders within our member agencies and associations to perceive the broader context. This collaborative approach empowers us and our partners to collaboratively devise enduring solutions that may not be apparent to any of us individually. Encouraging reflection and fostering more generative conversations. Building the capacity to shift the collective focus from reactive problem-solving to aligning with the future

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it

Pablo Picasso


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