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CACC was established to respond to the needs of black grassroots community organizations. Focusing on being a collective voice and advocating for the inclusion of Black and African Canadians in Calgary and Area, education of the Calgary community has been a key part of the CACC’s purpose. Advocacy and collaboration to promote empowerment, education, inclusion, politics and capacity building is invested and centred around CACC’s mission.


With strong alliances, CACC focuses on creating awareness, education, opportunity and partnerships for its members in Calgary and Area. Through a collective approach, members can become strong and effective leaders, have their voices heard and be determined to create positive impacts for Black and African Canadians and their communities.

CACC will support shared leadership through avenues of information sharing, listening sessions, town halls, committee hearings, citizen participation on and for advisory boards for the collective good and well being of Black and African Communities.


CACC’s philosophy is asking what is needed, then advocating and presenting it back to the same people. This ensures 100% uptake of service solutions provided by CACC through its allies and member grassroots organizations. ‘Solutions for us, by us’ model works for the African communities because CACC integrates culturally appropriate strategies and solutions to each identified group. This ensures CACC will be managing a variety of cohort programs to various communities to adjust to their needs.
CACC collaborative work intensified at the height of the Covid pandemic when member grassroots organizations realized the gap of providing life-changing services, such as, food hamper and education, information, public health guidelines and restrictions of the pandemic and resources, to Black-led communities. This crisis caused the inception of CACC whereby we managed to leverage the provincial government to fund our efforts to support our member agencies and associations who were at the forefront of responding to immediate needs for Black families in breaking isolation, providing access to food and Covid-19 vaccination outreach through the set-up of Testing Centers community-wide. CACC listened and collectively worked to develop solutions from the community, for the community and effectively conveyed and, provided it to the community.
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