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The Collective

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CACC is established to bridge gaps in the system and provide support to grassroots community organizations within the Black and African communities. Its main focus is to act as a unified voice, advocating for the inclusion of Black and African Canadians in the Calgary and Area region

CACC – Calgary African Community Collective

  • Is a Black-led non-for-profit collective
  • Focuses on advocacy for the inclusion of African Canadians in various areas of society
  • Collaborates to incorporate education, politics, capacity building, and goodwill among all aspects of society
  • Promotes fair and equitable distribution of resources
  • Empowers African Cultural Communities in Calgary and Area

Purposeful Engagement

Act as a Gateway to the People of African Descendent (POAD) communities and African grassroots organizations within Calgary. We promote and facilitate the engagement and participation of the private, public, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, to form partnerships with our member African grassroot organizations and individuals, to contribute positively to the socio-economic welfare of African Canadians in Calgary

Intentional Collaboration

We are the umbrella organization for over 50 African & Black founded, Black led & Black focused organizations and agencies in Calgary. We provide our member organizations and People of African Descendent (POAD) communities with a platform for collaboration and collective support system that promotes accessibility to Afro-centric services, partnerships, funding, community building, and impactful social interaction among members.

African Community Enhancement

We create awareness that enhance the contributions of the Calgary African grassroot organizations and People of African Descendent (POAD) community members to ensure a thriving community that continues to deliver Afro-centric services that solves our socio-economic challenges.