How do I become a member of CACC?

Fill out the form and provide your details. A CACC representative will connect with you to finalize the membership.

How much does it cost to be a member? Are there annual dues?

The cost is:

  • $50/yr – Corporate Members
  • $30/yr – Not for Profit grass-root organizations
  • $20/yr – Individual Members

You will be membership ends at the end of the same month of the following year.

Are fees refundable if I want to stop being a member?

Unfortunately not.

How do I get up-to-date information?

The website will be updated regularly. However, sign-up for our newsletter to stay current and informed. Email us at info@calgaryafrican.ca

Is my information protected?

Yes. Information will not be shared with any other third parties.

How do I refer another organization who want to be a part of CACC?

Please ask them to fill out the information on the website under membership. CACC will reach out to them.

I have community information that I would like to share with CACC members. Who do I reach to have this information posted on the website?


Please email info@calgaryafrican.ca or call (587) 328-7040 to speak to our Community Outreach contact. They will be sure to help you.
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